iPhoneHow to switch from iPhone to Android

How to switch from iPhone to Android

So, now you have got a new set of Android device. If you are new in this Android world. You need to know a lot about the features of Android you might be curious about knowing the necessary information that how to get your Android device work started. The switching from iPhone to Android is quite easy, you just need to follow few steps in order to switch or transfer the required particulars it all depends on the process you follow. So let’s get started.

How to transfer contacts

The transfer or synchronisation of contacts in the new Android device will simply depend on the activities performed earlier for transfer or sinking of contacts. like if you already synchronise your contacts with a Gmail account there is nothing much to do with it. you just need to enter your account details like Google ID and Google password the numbers which were already synchronised with that account will be downloaded itself but if it is not so the synchronisation will be come a bit more complicated you need to use iCloud to get a .VCF file and then download the Google contacts in your Android phone.

You need to follow few steps to get your contacts synchronised

  • Take your iPhone in your hand and in settings of the device you will see an option named as mail contacts calendars you need to select this option.
  • Now Turn on the contacts in iCloud which is available in setting application.
  • The contacts you want to synchronise from Apple to Android will be uploaded in apples Cloud Service or iCloud. Now from any web browser open a website that is icloud.com and they you need to sign in or login with your Apple email ID.
  • Now in the contacts option you need to click on the gear icon which will be appearing on the left corner in the lower side of the display.
  • After this you need to select all the contacts which will be easily done by clicking on select all option you will click the icon which is present in the left corner of the lower side you need to select export vCard option.
  • You can download your contacts to directly in your device or to the Google contacts after the .VCF file download your contacts.

How to transfer calendar

  • Now after synchronising your contacts from Apple to Android device
  • you must be thinking that is that enough for Apple to synchronise its data in Android device.
  • But yes there is lot more that you can do to sync or transfer your data.
  • Just as your contacts were synchronised your calendar entries can also be linked with your new device.
  • You just need to follow the following steps to get the convenience.
  • All you need to do is mention your login details in your iCloud account which will be mentioned in add account option in mail contacts and calendars option in your iPhone.
  • After logging in it will ask for your access or permission to transfer the details to open the calendar.
  • You need to click on the icon which is presented on your display of your Android device but before this you need to
  • Login with the browser in icloud.com and to put your login details in the same.
  • In the left side an option named as share calendar button will be presented which you need to click so that
  • you can transfer your details according to your requirement. Now after falling this step a popup dialogue box will appear in which you need to select or put tick on public calendar and
  • now you’ll need to paste and copy the link mentioned below ┬áthis popup box .
  • After copying the link you need to paste the link or URL and you will get your desired result.

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