Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging application that allow the user to exchange messages, audio clips, video clips, across the mobile network without any charge. Nowadays  almost every smartphone user using whatsapp. It has become the basic need in field of communication.Sharing your memories, documents, pictures without paying any cost.All it require few mb of data to run.But it also has some disadvantages like spamming if we are in a group that send lots of adult picture, irritating meme, video,User is getting unintended message, pictures send to him or her are stored automatically without user permission. Occupies Phone storage without user permission, sometimes it becomes very annoying. These all things makes user irritating. So today i am going to tell you how to stop automatically storing of video or picture.So let’s start.


1.Open the whatsapp application and make sure have opened the home window where all chats are displayed and then look at the upper right corner you will see three dots vertically just tap on it you will see setting option. Also have a look at app called GBWhatsApp which have this feature inbuilt and easy to use.


After tapping on it you will direct to the setting activity and after that tap on the chat setting option.


This will redirect you to another activity and it will show you an option called media-auto download tap on it.


After tapping on it will lead you to another screen where you will get three option as shown in this figure.

When using cellular data,when connected to wifi, and roaming,Now Tap each of the above option and disable the auto-downloads by checking all three options-images,video and audio.

Finally you have done.

Now to see the photo,video,audio you will have to download them explicitly.Now whatever you will download whatsapp will store that in the folder named ‘whatsapp’ in the file manager.That content will also become visible from the gallery folder and that you will not download will remain undownloadable and will not visible to any other person from the gallery application.

At last there is also lots of advantages of automatic saving of picture,images and video in your phone without your permission.Like it can save your time.It saves the time required for downloading the content and we have to do it manually,that’s not sound really good. If we want to see something instantly we will have to wait.

So this automatic saving content is also very good in some aspects.    

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